Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms, Causes, Medication and Prevention

People who are middle-aged or older are most likely to observe Type 2 Diabetes symptoms. It used to be called adult-onset diabetes. But type 2 diabetes also affects kids and teens, mainly because of childhood obesity. Type 2 diabetes is an alteration in the way the body regulates and uses sugar (glucose) for fuel. This long-term (chronic) …

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Measles Disease

Measles Disease Symptoms, Caused By, Vaccine, Cases right now

Measles is an infectious illness that produces a high fever, a red rash, coughing, and red eyes in susceptible individuals. It may lead to significant consequences such as encephalitis, which can, in turn, result in hearing loss in some instances. Getting vaccinated against measles disease may help. The number of …

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Russian President Putin Health

Russian President Putin Health News, Rumours & Truth Analysis

The health of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the subject of renewed suspicion after he was spotted grasping a table during a meeting. As much as his rationality has been called into doubt due to the decision to attack Ukraine, the president’s physical condition has also been the topic …

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Covid Cases in India

Covid Cases in India Today – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore City wise

On Tuesday, the health ministry urged three states and the union territory of Delhi to enforce adherence to Covid-appropriate behavior, with a particular focus on the use of masks in crowded locations, a day after India recorded a 90 percent increase in daily cases. According to the Union Ministry of …

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