Snake Head found in Aeroplane Meal- Flight name, Company and truth

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Someone working as a flight attendant claimed to have discovered a snake head in their food on board. According to the travel blog One Mile at a Time, the alleged event occurred on a SunExpress trip from Ankara to Düsseldorf on July 21. The aircraft was headed to Düsseldorf. The decapitated head of a green-toned snake can be seen in the footage with potatoes and other veggies. According to our sources, this occurrence was “totally unacceptable.” As a result, our client has temporarily suspended their contract with the food supplier in issue while we conduct an inquiry. Read the article to know about Snake Head found in Aeroplane Meal.

Snake Head found in Aeroplane Meal

It has been reported that a flight attendant working for a Turkish airline came across the severed head of a snake as they were preparing meals for passengers. On July 21, a cabin crew member was on a SunExpress aircraft traveling from Ankara, Turkey, to Dusseldorf, Germany, when they discovered the head of a lizard in the meal. The cabin staff member said that the snake head was discovered in the dish that included the veggies and potatoes. 

Snake Head found in Aeroplane Meal

According to a report published by Gazete Duvar, the catering business Sancak Inflight, affiliated with SunExpress airlines, was responsible for providing the meal. When the cabin staff went to eat the meal, they discovered the head resting in one of the implements. A video of the supposed finding has also appeared online, and in it, a little snakehead can be seen on the plate containing the discarded food.

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Snake Head found in Aeroplane Meal Flight Name 

SunExpress airlines issued a statement shortly after the occurrence was brought to public attention, in which they said that an inquiry into the problem had been initiated and will be carried out. In a statement sent to the Turkish press, they said their “primary priority” is to provide services of the greatest possible quality. It covered the “guests as well as staff” of the establishment. According to information provided by The Sun, the following was added to the statement: “We would like to notify you that the claims and shares in the news about in-flight food service are entirely unacceptable and that a full inquiry has been begun on the matter.”

 In addition, the catering company, Sancak Inflight, has made a statement in which they refute the charges. The catering company said they did not utilize “any of the foreign materials that were reportedly in the meal during cooking,” since they did not include them in their preparation methods. 

Because the meal is cooked at high temperatures, the likelihood of discovering a new snakehead in their food does not make sense. Therefore, the service claimed that the “foreign item” was inserted after the food was prepared. It is also being said that this kind of thing has happened in the past, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The airline crew has previously voiced their displeasure at discovering beetles and snails in their meals. 

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Snake Head found in Aeroplane Meal Company 

However, Sancak Inflight Services, the catering firm that feeds SunExpress in Ankara, asserts that the snake head could not have originated from the company’s kitchen owing to the tight regulations that are in place. Sancak Inflight Services is located in Ankara. “We did not utilise any of the foreign objects that were reportedly in the meal during cooking,” the food supply company stated, even though the technical and temperature conditions employed in the in-flight catering facilities allowed for the presence of such items. 

According to One Mile At a Time, Sancak said that since its dishes are cooked at 280 degrees Celsius (approximately 536 degrees Fahrenheit), the rather fresh-looking snake head must have been inserted after the fact. According to the news site, this is not the first time SunExpress has been accused of violating food safety regulations; the company has reportedly received accusations that uncooked snails and beetles have been found in people’s meals. A teenager in the United States is said to have found a half-smoked cigarette in her ordered chicken fries from Burger King while eating them last week. The occurrence occurred in a similar unpleasant contamination episode.

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